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Citizen portal


The Municipality of Saint-Anicet invites you to subscribe to the new citizen portal Voilà! It will allow you to have access to numerous services and to follow news from your municipality according to your preferences. Easy to use and totally free, the Voilà app will let you be in touch with your municipality more than ever.

How to subscribe ?

On mobile (telephone or Ipad). Download the app for mobile or Ipad on Google Play (Android app) or on Apple Store (Apple app) and be up on the news everywhere at all times.

By mobile

This is a user guide for mobiles (paper format) which will guide you step by step for your subscription.

By computer

On the web portal : https://saint-anicet.appvoila....

This is a user guide by computer (video or paper format) which will guide you step by step for your subscription.

Here’s what you can do in your citizen portal


This includes important notices, activities, events, dates to remember and info-works.


Consult the calendar for all activities and events on line

Important notices

Dates of council meetings

Pickup schedules

Information from public works

Information from the urban development department


Answer polls on line concerning municipal stakes and see results in real time.

Properties (this section is mostly for property owners)

Add your reference number to consult your municipal tax bill.

Through Accéo Solutions you can pay your municipal tax account with a credit card (Visa and Mastercard only), a 1.98% fee will be added.

You can also check the option not to receive a copy of your tax bill and thus help reduce paper consumption in the municipality.

Requests on line


You can apply for the following permits with this application:

Dock renovation or Construction;

Ingrown Pool;

Above grown pool / Spa;

Agricultural renovation;

Residential renovation;

Stabilization of the shore.


Signal breaks or ask for municipal services

Defective street lights;

Information requests;

Problem with pickups;

Dead animals on public roads;

And more.


Make sure to fill in all the profile areas, notably your municipal address. You will thus receive notices concerning your district.


Personnalize your preferences according to subjects that interest you, by selecting:

E-mail, you will receive the information by e-mail;

News, you will be able to see the information in the news section of the welcome page of your portal :

Calendar, you will be able to see the calendar on the welcome page of your portal the type of content you wish. By default, certain important information will appear on your calendar.

Voilà ! is a tool in constant development, other functions will be added in time.

User guide